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Hai’an officials interprets the 3 advantages of investing in Hai’an to foreign medias

19 JUL 2020 Por Ana

On July 18th, the opening ceremony of the 7th «Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hai’an» theme activity was held in Hai’an Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Gathering 3000 experts and scholars from Chinese universities, this activity has signed 10 contracts on the scene, involving the introducing original projects, 10 talents projects and platform cooperation projects, and 10 high-technology investment projects. Due to the sudden outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, more than 30 «Double Tops» universities and enterprises have undertaken online interactions, accomplishing at least 100 industry-university-research cooperation intentions.

GuoBiao Gu | Ana

After the ceremony, our reporter asked GuoBiao Gu, Secretary of Hai’an municipal Party committee, questions on the business environment of foreign-funded enterprises in Hai’an city. Gu said that Hai’an has three advantages in attraction foreign investment, which are the location advantage, talents advantage and the policy advantage. He introduced that Hai’an relies on its excellent geographical advantage which is the most active in the Yangtze River Delta intergration economy. In the recent years, the government has made great efforts to develop the construction of highways, railways and waterways, therfore, Hai’an has become an important transportation hub city in the Jiangsu Province. The talents advantage is mainly reflected in Hai’an’s reserve of a large number of high-quality labor talents for the enterprises. Hai’an is a city with well developed education. It is commonly said that Jiangsu is the model in Chinese education, and Hai’an is the model in Jiangsu’s elementary education. Therefore, if the enterprises come to Hai’an, most of the employment problem can be solved. When talking about the policy advantage, he said:”Hai’an ranks the second place in the business environment evaluation of the 96 county-level cities in Jiangsu Province. What’s more, Hai’an provides the foreign-funded enterprises with many supporting policies, including the precision services-“one district, one policy”,”one project, one policy”. At last, he said:”Policies enjoyed in other cities can also be enjoyed in Hai’an. Welcome everyone come to Hai’an, and look for business oportunities!”

Recently, relying on secientific and technological innovation, the real economy in Hai’an is becoming more and more stronger, more and more larger. Since the “innovation and entrepreneurship in Hai’an” theme activity was held 6 years ago, Hai’an has implemented nearly 1500 the number of the industry-university-research cooperation projects, introduced more than 260 achievements transformation projects, and paid more than one billion RMB for cooperation funds.

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