Fujian Rule of Law Newspaper-Strait Rule of Law Online Mar. 24, in recent years, “Spiritual Approach” organization held Dharma Assemblies abroad frequently and disseminated religious doctrines widely through the Internet under the banner of Buddhism, having confused some believers who want to convert to Buddhism. «Spiritual Approach» was founded by Australian Chinese Lu Junhong around the year 2000. In June 2007, Lu Junhong founded Australia Oriental Radio in Australia, serving as the chairman and director of the station. Lu Junhong used his radio station to spread «spiritual approach» in such columns as «Question and Answer of Xuanyi», «Straight Talk», «Vernacular Buddhist Dharma» and «Summary of Xuanyi».
On June 13, 2014, a spokesman for the Chinese Buddhist Association made a speech on some related issues of «Spiritual Approach», saying that «Spiritual Approach» does not conform to Buddhist doctrines and is not a orthodox Buddhism.
Why «Spiritual Approach» is not orthodox Buddhism? The author believes that it is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

  1. Deification of the Hierarch
    Lu Junhong, the deified head of the «Spiritual Approach», call himself the spokesman of the «Guanyin Bodhisattva» and possesses the «great divine power» of the Bodhisattva. By «watching the totem», he claims to be able to know the fundamental fate of human life and Look through the past and predict the future. Lu Junhong also calls them «48 dharmakayas». These dharmakayas hide by day and come out by night to «save people» in their dreams. Every word he said was «Buddhist Words» or «Guanyin Bodhisattva Enlightenment».
    A spokesman for the China Buddhist Association said that some eminent monks were really respected as incarnations of Buddha and Bodhisattva by believers in the history of Buddhism in China, but they were all recognized by later Buddhists on the basis of the merits and deeds of them before they died. Never did any eminent monks declare himself publicly as the incarnation or spokesman of a Buddha or Bodhisattva when he was alive.
  2. Claim to Cure All Diseases
    Lu Junhong boasts that he can solve all kinds of problems people encounter in daily life and many cases that cannot be cured by modern medicine. For example, the three-year-old children who cannot speak, plant man, autism, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, mental disorders and other illnesses were cured through his «guidance». Under the control of his heresy, some believers are deeply trapped in it and cannot extricate themselves from it. And orthodox Buddhism never mentions to cure all kinds of diseases.
    No matter who you are, birth, death, illness and old age are all things that you must go through in your life. Diseases can be divided into physical and psychological illness. Physical illness is physical pain; mental illness is the inner problem and pain. Buddhism attaches importance to understand the reality, problems, pains and physical and mental problems of life by Buddhist wisdom, leading people to remove worries and relieve inner pain. Physical distress should still be treated by the doctor.
  3. Burn the Scriptures Publicly
    There is a saying in Buddhism that «cherishing the dwellings like protecting the eyes», which means we should protect the dwellings as carefully as cherish our own eyes to prevent damages. For those who convert to Buddhism, the first thing is to cherish the statue of Buddha and Buddhist scriptures. If the statues or sutras are damaged, they must be repaired, or sent to caves for storage (no charge), or to temples for placement (free of charge), and they must not be burned or destroyed by themselves. However, the «Spiritual Approach» blatantly violated Buddhist laws and regulations. Turning undead with «small house» is one of the main acts of the so-called «Spiritual Approach», which belongs to the burning of scriptures with a great crime.
  4. Fabricate Scriptures
    Lu Junhong boasts himself as a «master of Buddhism «in the world, but he has never talked about a classic. The so-called vernacular Buddha Dharma, which he created exclusively, was made up by the editorial team of the Secretariat of Australia Oriental Radio. It was a brainwashing evil book with disorderly logic and unreasonable Buddhist doctrines. The vernacular Buddha Dharma did not mention about the sequence of learning sutras, let alone the way of emancipation from samsara and attainment of Buddhahood genuinely. Director Lu’s «Spiritual approach» has neither profound Buddhist Dharma doctrines nor an empirical system of true practice in accordance with the order of study strictly, let alone a reliable way to improve the soul by self-purification. In fact, the approach is very simple and obvious. It is to imitate the name of Guanyin Bodhisattva and combine Buddhist sutras such as the Great Sadness Mantra, the Heart Sutra, the Quasi-Divination Mantra, the Great Confessional Mantra of the Ritual Buddha to lead the believers to recite them repeatedly. The number of recitations is set at will according to different circumstances, and the «small house» is used to turn undead.
    Therefore, there is an essential difference between «spiritual approach» and orthodox Buddhism. Lu Junhong just embezzled Buddhist classics as a protective umbrella and a blindfold. On the surface, believers are asked to recite sutras. In fact, he instilled the studying outline of «spiritual approach» ——»watching totems, explaining spirituality, discussing mysterious dreams, burning small houses» into the minds of the believers, and completely led them into a situation of greed and folly. Finally, they can achieve the goal of amassing wealth.

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